Event & Portrait Photography

MY WORK: I enjoy shooting Senior Pictures, Baby Pictures, Headshots, and other portraits. I share some of my portrait work (as well as the occasional other subject) on my Doug Brock Studio page on Facebook. Contact me if you'd like to schedule a session!

Photo Booths: I have been having lots of fun with photo booths, but I approach the photo booths as a studio photographer, with open setup and studio-quality lighting, modifiers, camera, and lens. You can find out more at my Facebook page, Doug's Photo Booths.

Baby Pictures: Babies (and I'm loose with the definition of baby - I'm thinking babies, toddlers, and even kindergarteners!)  are becoming my favorite subject. Yes, babies are generally a challenge, but they are definitely worth the effort. These little folk are still so amazed and engrossed with the big and small details around them, and they generally haven't learned to be self-concious about their appearance. So sweet, whether serious or laughing or crying. Here are some highlights from sessions with a 7-month-old girl and a one-year-old boy.

- I charge $100 for an hour session, and that includes a flash drive with edited images from the session.

- I can shoot outdoors, and, if you have a nice indoor location, we can shoot inside with available light (if the lighting is good) or with studio stobes and soft boxes.  

Volunteer workI spend a lot of my year taking pictures at Belton High School in Belton, MO. I take tens of thousands of pictures each year, which keeps me busy both at BHS as well as at home, sorting all those pictures and uploading.

I cover the theatre program in the most depth (My oldest son, Trey, was on stage for one play, but Colby and Brady were VERY active while they were at BHS.).  Theatre events can be found in my Facebook page, "Belton High School Theater Photos."

I share pictures from other BHS events and other subjects related to Belton, MO on another Facebook page, "Belton MO photos." (I have been called, "Hey! Belton MO photos," MANY times, lol!)

Doug Brock

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